last week.


Dom Chilling on my back



Dom having happy dreams.


Masami, Danbi, Joan and Ryuto <3


Stop sign holder man… taking a break


Eating fish and chips at Bondi with Masami :)





Some warehouse on Cockatoo island. Me wearing my Dragon Ball z shirt <3


Jaehee! <3


Some alleyway near Chinatown, Sydney. Check out the blue things above me!


Chinatown night markets- view from Sichuan Hot pot. Crowds of people!


Coffee at Oliver Brown, Chatswood


My mum at hotpot

I’m currently obsessed with Chinese hotpot. I even tried to replicate one at home and it was a bit of a fail haha! Only if I could’ve bought better soup stock- the one we tried tasted like instant ramen stock (as Ryuto had described).

I’ve also been trying to swim alot and exercise by riding my bicycle as I am always feeling so tired from working and going to uni. It’s true, exercise works and I feel better physically and mentally! Another thing that I’m feeling really good about is this internship I got a few days ago! I’m starting this coming Monday and I can’t wait…!

Hope you’ve been well and I will update soon. xx

converse + gorillaz

A few days after the Hunt No More launch, Jaehee invited me to the converse + gorillaz collab shoe launch which was at Luxe Studio, in Surry Hills. It was a preeeeeeeeetty cool night where I ate quite a bit of pretty tasty finger food. The atmosphere and music was great, and everyone who was there looked… really cool. Lol. I felt a bit out of place in terms of coolness but I still enjoyed being around such a crowd and I was busy snapping piccies with my Iphone4 anyway. :)











Madeleine and Jess from Australia’s Next Top Model 2011 were there too and I just haaaaaaaaad to go up to them and ask if they could get their picture taken (with me in it of course lololol).

As you can tell in the pic above^ I got way too excited. I’ve never smiled like that in a photo before, I swear. It’s coz I’m such a fan of the Australian version of Top Model, and last season was seriously one of the best, and being able to see two of the models from one of the best season, standing in the same room as me, just blew my mind… They were so beautiful in person, especially Jess (the one with the short blonde hair). I always knew that Madeline was super pretty with a great personal style, but Jess really surprised me with her natural beauty and her killer smile. I saw Simone aswell and she was outside with the first two that I saw, and she actually made it to Top 3, and she was freaking gorgeous aswell. They must all still be really good friends! I wonder if they keep in contact with Montana… I think Simone def will be.

Hahahaha so yeah… I was a bit star struck lolololol. Thank you Madeline and Jess for getting your pic taken with a loooza like me. heeeheee

Anyway thank you for reading once again. Will update soon :)



Masami in Sydney

Masami, my good friend from Sapporo came to Sydney the other week for travel. It was so great to see her, and I hope she made lots of great memories here. Miss you already!

Here are some piccies.

Ahhh and I finally got me greeeen p’s!



I’ve been trying to eat healthy: check out the pics of my oatmeal brekkie. The first one is topped with honey, blue berry and nuts!


I wasn’t satisfied with that that morning so I made another with an Asian twist hahha. Topped with a fried egg, chopped shallots and soy sauce! It was surprisingly delicious!


With Masami: we went to the gallery and visited the botanical gardens and it was a beautiful aussie day. The sun was out and the breeze was cool. The water was glistening and made everything very magical. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I went to the gardens or the gallery. It’s such a wonderful place that deserves to be visited more often! Plus it’s free entry for both (gotta love the free stuff ehehehe..)

Thank you Masami as I would have not gone there if you had not come to shitney. And thank you Michael for driving! We also took some nice pics there with the Aussie icons in the background, again using the iPhone.









Thank you thank you for reading. Xx

Hunt No More fashion launch

I wasn’t personally invited to this launch, I just tagged along with a friend lol to have something to blog about. She goes to these things to write about them for and This one was the first time for me to attend one of these things, and thank you Jaehee for inviting me, we had heaps of fun that day (well I know I did at least ;))

These pics are from about two weeks ago for the launch of a new fashion label called Hunt No More. I met fashion bloggers Aprilia (from and Mel (

I’ve never met a fashion blogger in real life so it when I did, it was pretty cool. It was quite a bizarre feeling when they asked me if I was a ‘fashion blogger’ haha. I was quite hesitant to answer. Lots of errs and ums; I guess I kind of am a “fashion blogger” but yeahhhhhhhh not really at the same time. Like I really feel that ‘fashion blogger’ haha doesn’t fit me coz I don’t feel that I deserve to be called one. Ya kno?! It’s not like I have so many readers or followers, I do this blog for myself, friends and family, really. An whoever comes across it. Relatively speaking, I don’t take this blog seriously enough. So yeah, Aprilia and Mel inspired me to blog more and made me realise that blogging can be a serious deal and open up new opportunities and experiences. Not like we talked much, but that’s what I learnt from them that night. That I should blog more and mebbe not be so embarrassed about it.

Here are the pics from the night





Very… model like.


Mel on the left, Aprilia on the right.

Picture quality is pretty crappy as I took all them with my iPhone. I should’ve really taken my camera with me!

Will update soon! xx Hope you have a great day :)

Sapporo kokusai






My body is so so sore right now, a dip in the onsen would be heavenly. This is the first time I’m blogging from my iPhone. I never do it because there is never any free wifi to be found in Japan. But at where I’m sitting, there’s wifi which is seriously a rare occasion.

I guess I’ll blog more from my phone once I get back to Sydney. Honestly can’t imagine having 3G available… 24/7, avail like seven eleven. Haha. fail rhyme.

Anyway I’m at the ski resort atm at a place called kokusai, about a 40 min drive from Sapporo. I haven’t been to many ski places so I’m no expert but it IS the best one I’ve ever been to. The snow is ever so soft and fluffy, which really gave me a leg up in learning the basics and overcoming my fear of picking up speed then breaking all my bones. I’ve done it once in korea few years ago and this is my second time doing it in Japan. Today’s attempt being my third in total, I kind of got the hang of doing the falling leaf on my toeside! An hour ago I was feeling shitty coz I was scared to even try, but with Michaels advice and encouragement, a manned up a little and actually got the hang of it! I even squeezed in a few turns here and there :o thank you mike if you’re reading this.

Being able to snowboard has really opened up new things to me. For example, it makes me want to plan trips (maybe to nz or even back to sapporo!) and I’m even thinking about picking up surfing back in Sydney…hahahha am I over-dreaming? Is that even a word? I guess dreaming is just dreaming haha.

Also, if you have instagram, add me bruddah! I’m totally addicted to it and I’m proud of it. Add me <3

My friends are back so I gotta go now. Talk to everyone soon. Yes, I’m talking to You.